I'm Ricardo Mejia

Ricardo Mejia Headshot

Ricardo Mejia, RMSTUDIOCORP brings his dynamic talents in Photography and Art Direction to a full service in branding and marketing organization.

Through his keen vision, he has expanded his artful eye to his clientele and due to his insightful vision, they continued his service in executing their product. RM Studio is conveniently located in Miami. His clientele is extended Internationally. He has also designed the complete layouts cover to cover for magazine publications.

For Ricardo, it appears the camera was born in his hand. His keen eye has developed throughout his life which later includes pursuing his degree as a Graphic Designer. His unique explosion of light, depth, contrast and bold equilibrium has been infused remarkably in his profession for over 20 years. Ricardo’s demands have expanded Internationally. His recent travels include Spain, Italy, South America, Morocco and South Africa. His diversity in photography includes architecture, hospitality, culinary and editorial. Clearly, his open objectives with other clients can be enhanced with his vision. His diverse creative capacities can be tailored to each client’s specific needs.